«And why are you anxious about clothes? Look at the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; but I tell you that Solomon, in all his glory, did not dress like every one of them».
Matthew 6: 28-29

About us

How an orthodox Christian must dress? Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill notes, that “Orthodoxy is not shabbiness, it is beauty of life; Orthodoxy does not force us to dress in gloomy grey-black-brown colors”.

Indeed, modern orthodox clothes are not shapeless moody garb, but neat, humble and at the same time elegant attire. They are possible to wear both in everyday life and put on for the purposes of visiting the church. Clothing with embroidery introduces specific flavor to your outfit. Intricate patterns are not only there to decorate gowns and T-shirts, they truly make them unique and extraordinary and allow interesting designer concepts.

All the above is absolutely true with the “Xristiania” clothing. Our history started in 2010 only with several models, and already now we can offer male, female and children collections. We offer a wide range of sizes and diverse color palette.

“Xristiania” clothing is made of natural materials, decorated with prints and exclusive embroidery with orthodox symbolry and extracts from holy writings. This is because our goal is to make more than just clothes, but clothes with a meaning, which help to present orthodox Christian’s faith and allow them to look smart and neat in any situation.

Buying “Xristiania” clothing you are not only buying quality and original clothes but also commit to a noble cause since all proceeds from sales will go to the development of missionary activities.

God save you!